About Us

About Us

What We Do

Down Under Abroad was developed in 2014 and is proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated. Down Under Abroad offers full support to students and young travellers in arranging beneficial experiences which enhance their personal & professional development.

Through strong International partnerships, Down Under Abroad prides itself on offering a local personal service which opens up International opportunities that would be difficult to research and arrange independently.

Our Goal

Down Under Abroad does not strive to be the biggest or even the most well known.

Our goal is to provide beneficial international experiences to assist in the career and personal development of youth. Our mission is to have ‘happy customers’ rather than ‘many customers’ through our personal local service.

Who We Are

Robbie Sekel

Born and bred in Sydney, Robbie has been in the International internship placement industry for over 10 years. Robbie has a passion for youth development through International travel;

“Whether an internship, entrepreneurial experience, a study semester abroad or simply taking a gap year overseas to experience a new culture; travel is the greatest education and will open your eyes to opportunities never thought possible”.


Linda Sekel

With close to 40 years experience in the Australian education industry, Linda brings unique experience and understanding of the benefits of youth development through various forms of education. Linda’s strength is in her personal approach to each and every candidate whom she deals with;

“Classroom learning through school & University is essential but is only the foundation for a student’s development. Real life learning occurs in the real world. Get out of your comfort zone and into the world’s classroom”.


What We Have Done

Down Under Abroad is an extension of Internships Down Under (formally known as Sydney Internships). For over 10 years, Internships Down Under has been placing International applicants into beneficial internship placements throughout Australia. In addition to internship placements, Internships Down Under’s comprehensive service includes facilitating accommodation, airport transfers, insurance, social meetings, weekend trips and various other services to ensure interns visiting Australia have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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